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About Planet Dystopia

About Planet Dystopia

After decades of viewing, listening, reading and playing all kinds of dystopian media that you can (and – in some cases – cannot) imagine, I felt the urge to share at least some of my experiences with you.

You wonder yourself what Dystopia means? You can check out my own version of a proper definition of Dystopia, which also includes various historical comments, references and sidenotes.

In general, Planet Dystopia is covering all kinds of topics and media with a dystopian twist. This ranges from subjective reviews of dark SciFi literature, movies and series as well as (video-)games to individual thoughts and ideas to the currents of the incoming human developments in transhumanism, extropianism and technocracy.

Expect to be confronted with reviews of some really dark visions of our possible future, blog posts with comparisons to even deeper fictional (or even real) hellholes, as well as some occasional crumbs of wisdom in various forms here and there.

All content on this page is bilingual. Although German may be my native language and its versatility and beauty makes it unique, the themes on Planet Dystopia are about global phenomena and developments. Accordingly, the use of English as a de facto “lingua franca” is indispensable for reaching people around the world.

Besides my digital life I’m participating in the rat race and my treadmill is spinning continuously, so don’t expect constant fireworks of content. Patience is a virtue and it gets rewarded sometimes. If you are in for a long ride down the drain of human development, this is our beginning.